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Tame-Component brings together experts in electronic component technology.

Tame-Component's employees draw on their experience, skills and knowledge of current issues to provide you with relevant solutions to your questions.

These articles are related to the world of electronic components and associated issues such as counterfeit detection or qualification of electronic components.

Through these articles, Tame-Component wishes to make the latest news and developments in the electronic components sector accessible to everyone.

Should you wish to ask us further questions, or comment on any of the articles, please feel free to contact us. 

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Medical devices

A lack of a standardised medical grade system


Electronic components obsolescence

How to minimise the impact of obscelence?

Secure storage long term components

Secure storage

Issues and methods


Counterfeit detection

The risks associated with outsourcing

Réétamage RoHS

Re-tinning / RoHS

Key points for re-tinning of electronic components

Reutilisation composants electroniques

Reuse of electronic components

Palliative solutions


How to test the electrical continuity on a BGA...

...without a specific test socket?

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