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Electronic component obsolescence - Advice and strategic choices

ObSolutions ❯❯ Electronic component obsolescence - Advice and strategic choices

There is an increasing risk of component obsolescence across different sectors of the market. Electronic components' life cycles have decreased significantly and now stand at 3 to 5 years, whereas the life cycles of systems has and continues to increase (by several decades).

Obsolescence is a major risk that can have a significant cost:

  • Production halt following a logistical breakdown due to a component's obsolescence;
  • Changes in technological characteristics that lead to malfunctions;
  • Increased prices and lead times for components at the end of their life cycle;
  • Additional costs generated by these difficulties.

What is ObSolutions?

ObSolutions provides concrete solutions for the maintenance of operational conditions.

Tame-Component is very aware of how obsolescence can incur significant cost and waste time. Our teams have thus developed solutions to ensure the long life of your electronics and reduce the risk of obsolescence.

  • Component life cycle monitoring system
  • Alert management (obsolescence, RoHS, etc.)
  • Secure storage
  • Sourcing and qualification of alternative sources
  • Counterfeit detection
  • On-board component recovery
  • Upscreening
  • RoHS/re-tinning
  • Board redesign

Benefits of obsolescence management

Products with a long life span are subject to changes in their components over time.

Changes may include such issues as:

  • EOLs that threaten the product
  • Legislative changes prohibiting or restricting the use of certain chemical compounds
  • Major changes in the industrial scope of the component (company takeover, takeover by a competitor, etc.) which may lead to changes in the supply

Monitoring product components is therefore crucial so that you can

  • Anticipate future blockages
  • Ensure the continuity of supplies
  • Minimise the costs incurred by these issues by dealing with them as quickly as possible
  • Obtain a realistic and reliable long-term picture


  • Counterfeit detection test
  • Secure storage
  • BOM monitoring
  • Re-tinning
  • Alternative source qualification (component qualification or component characterisation)




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