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How to test the electrical continuity on a BGA...

...without a specific test socket?


The first issue is how to do without a test socket without using a voltmeter? While a voltmeter is useful because of its obvious adaptation to all types of packages, it does not guarantee the conditions of measurement, nor the non-deterioration of the balls by the operators, nor the continued good performance of the operators themselves after they have tested 8 components made up of 500 balls each...

We hunted to find a way to provide equipment that offered the mechanical flexibility to adapt to the package, as well as control of both contact positioning and the measurements’ electrical conditions: we found that the best option was a tester with mobile probes, a piece of equipment widely used in the context of first-level testing in electronic board manufacturing. The only mechanical tooling that still needs to be produced is the interface between the tester and the component, which allows it to be immobilised for the duration of the measurements, without damaging it, while adapting to very wide dimensional variations from one package to the next.

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