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Support in technological choices


Qualification - Tame-Component

Component qualification is a key element.

Electronic components must be perfectly adapted to your applications and conditions of use.

Tame-Component supports and aids you in the qualification of your electronic components, whatever your sector: medical, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, energy...

A unique approach

Tame Component’s unique approach, which combines the expertise of a multi-sector electronic laboratory with the pragmatic approach of an industrialist, means we can offer you an optimal qualification service.

Efficient qualification

To qualify components, Tame-Component carries out

  • Analyses on a wide range of stresses (temperature, thermal cycling, humidity, thermal shock, HAST, cleaning products...);
  • Electrical tests;
  • Destructive physical analysis.

Tame-Component aims to provide you with assistance in the design of your electronic assemblies by supporting you, notably in your technological choices.



Jean Bastid

Tame-Component's Director

26 rue du Bocage
85660 Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine

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