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Secure Storage of Electronic Components

Stockage sécurisé composants électroniques

Secure storage consists in proposing storage means adapted to the needs of the components, in particular with regard to the envisaged duration. 

It is then possible to consider two types of storage:

Rack storage

  • IN THE AMBIENT: For short term storage, products can be stored on shelves directly in their original packaging. 
  • UNDER VACUUM : For longer storage periods, vacuum-sealed bags can be used. This storage requires placing the components or cards in a thermoformed tray to resist the pressure caused by the vacuum. This tray is placed in an ESD bag with a moisture indicator attached. This assembly is placed in a transparent bag, impermeable to humidity and sealed once the vacuum is achieved. 
  • UNDER NITROGEN: For longer storage periods, packaging in sealed bags under nitrogen can be considered. The product is placed in an ESD bag to which a humidity indicator is attached. This set is placed in a transparent bag, impermeable to humidity and sealed once the dry nitrogen filling is done.


Storage in a cabinet

This storage can be done with or without specific packaging. The products are stored in grounded metal cabinets under a controlled atmosphere. These cabinets are equipped with hermetic doors. They also have shelves to avoid any deterioration or crushing during storage.

stockage sécurisé

Secure storage: the benefits

Do your applications require strategic components? Has monitoring for obsolescence detected the imminent loss of a component?

Tame-Component has developed a service that offers the ideal solution for storing these components in a secure location.

Tame-Component has more than 15 years of experience in secure storage, and has two independent bunkers with systems that ensure:

Anti-intrusion protection (physical security, access control, video surveillance, etc.)

Specific burglar detection units installed in each room to ensure the quick detection of any intrusion attempt. These units trigger a local alarm and a remote surveillance alarm.


Fire protection

The fire detection systems installed inside the secure premises include:

  • A central fire detection system with ionisation and optical smoke detectors,
  • An automatic fire extinguishing system


Maintenance of environmental conditions (temperature and humidity)

The premises and enclosures are maintained at a constant temperature of 22°C +/- 5°C:

Via a central ventilation unit which also ensures the renewal of air by way of an external supply

By reversible air conditioning units

The rooms are maintained at a relative humidity of between 30% and 70%:

  • During dry periods this is done by way of a humidifier in each room
  • During rainy periods this is done by way of a humidity absorber in each room 

The chambers are maintained at a relative humidity of less than 5% by a continuous supply of nitrogen.

Measuring probes (temperature/humidity) are connected to the TESTO system and the information transmitted is under the Component Technology Department’s control.


Limiting the risks of mishandling.

The Resources

Adapted storage methods

Storage methods are adapted according to the product, and its sensitivity to humidity or dryness in the atmosphere:

  • nitrogen cabinet
  • drypack,
  • shelving

TRONICO traceability

Stocks, their location and their movements are traced in TRONICO's ERP system, ensuring seamless tracking throughout the years.

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