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Failure Diagnosis

Improve your electronic components thanks to electronic failure detection


What is failure analysis?

Failure analysis is geared at establishing the physical cause of a component’s abnormal electrical behaviour.


Benefits of failure analysis

Avoid recurring failures and malfunctions

Whatever your sector, the reliability of electronic systems has become a key issue.

All necessary investigations to complete the risk analysis must be carried out in order to solve the problem and find out the cause of the short-circuit.

Failure analysis involves carrying out tests on a component that is suspected of having caused a failure in order to determine its condition and the cause of the failure

Characterise, locate and understand the failure

Tame-Component can establish the location of the failure using tests ranging from the least destructive (external visual inspection, acoustic microscopy...) to the most destructive (internal analysis). The observations and characterisations that Tame-Component can carry out allow you:

To establish a more precise location of the defect inside an electronic component;

  • Verify that the physical defect explains the normal electrical behaviour
  • Hypothesise how the physical fault occurred

Tame-Component can then help you to select and implement corrective actions and measure their effects.


Our analyses are based on 20 years of experience in the component field, complemented by 50 years of experience in electronics manufacturing.

Our dedicated failure analysis equipment :

  • Binocular magnifier
  • Mircroscopes
  • Electrical charecterisation equipment
  • Chemical decapsulation
  • Polisher
  • Electron microscope with EDX probe

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