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Improve the performance of electronic components with upscreening

Améliorer la performance des composants électroniques avec l'upscreening

It is crucially important to ensure that electronic components are well adapted to your applications and conditions.

Tame-Component assists you in the qualification of your electronic components, whatever your sector: medical, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, energy...

What is upscreening?

Upscreening is a service that allows you to sort and upgrade electronic components, with a view to using them in a wider range of settings and conditions.

Tame-Component can carry out the tests required to sort the component batches:

  • To find out which can be used in environmental conditions different to those guaranteed by the manufacturer;
  • With a better accuracy than that guaranteed by the manufacturer. 

To improve traceability, Tame-Component can mark the sorted components that are classified as "good", so that they are not confused with "bad" sorted components, or unsorted components.

All the electrical measurement records are retained, making it possible to determine batch-to-batch trends and find the best possible sorting 'yields'.

Benefits of upscreening

  • Obtain components that do not exist on the market and have the required characteristics
  • Reduce design complexity by using higher precision components
  • Increase a product's operating temperatures



  • Specific electrical sorting setup
  • Teradyne J750K Tester
  • Temperature conditioning from -70°C to 230°C



  • Use of a Zener diode on a current that is different to that specified by the manufacturer
  • Use of memories not available in military temperature range
  • Searching for a maximum temperature drift on ADC


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