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Life Test

Accelerated aging of electronic components

Life Test - Tame-Component

The accelerated aging test (or Life Test) is essential to determining the reliability of electronic components over time for your specific contexts of use.

With the Life Test, components undergo an accelerated aging cycle characterized by the type of stress (temperature, pressure, thermal cycling, humidity, etc.), its duration, the measurements performed during aging and intermediate measurements. A characterization of the component at room temperature or at several temperatures is carried out at T0 (before the start of aging). Then, the components will be removed from the aging oven at regular intervals (e.g. 200 hours) and will be characterized again

Objective: Determining reliability over time

A Life Test operation covers the following needs: 

  • Verifying the absence of deviation of defined electrical parameters over time
  • Determining the resistance of soldering joints over time
  • Determining the failure mode of a component
  • Verifying the functionality of a component during the expected duration of its mission in an environment comparable to its mission profile 

These can be used as a basis for determining the reliability of the system.

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