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Electronic product design consulting


Tame-Component understands that components that are perfectly adapted to your specifications are key to the success of your project.

What is DevSolutions?

 Tame-Component can guide you and verify your technological choices: 

  • Design assistance
  • Support in your choice of technologies
  • Definition and realization of validation/qualification plans
  • Reliability assessment
  • Analysis of obsolescence risks
  • Design and development of test benches

These solutions provide you with assurance about the quality and reliability of your electronics and will ensure that all the risks that you may encounter over time have been taken into account.


Benefits of DevSolution

Tame-Component determines which electronic components are necessary for your products according to your needs.

Better knowledge of how your components behave

The reliability study will allow you to find out exactly how your components behave in real conditions of use, thereby reducing the chance of nasty surprises or unexpected failure.

Select components of the best quality

The choice of component is a crucial factor in determining the quality of your product. If the component is not adapted, there will be a higher risk of breakdowns or malfunctions during use. Carefully selecting your components is of the utmost importance.

Obtain the desired performance at the optimal cost

Tame-Component assists you in your design choices to obtain the best cost/reliability compromise in relation to your product’s task profile.

Characterise, locate and analyse the failure

The reliability of electronic systems has become a key issue, whatever your sector.

Tame-Component is able to locate the failure using tests ranging from the least destructive (external visual inspection, acoustic microscopy...) to the most destructive (internal analysis). The observations and characterisation that can be performed will make it possible to: 

  • Find a more precise location for any internal defect of an electronic component;
  • Verify if current electrical behaviour can be accounted for by a physical defect
  • Make hypotheses regarding the formation of the physical defect 

Tame-Component then helps you to determine and implement corrective actions and to measure their effects.


  • Electrical charectarisation of components
  • Material analysis
  • Accelerated aging
  • Obsolescence prediction analysis

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Tame-Component's Director

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