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Tame-Component, an organization involved in its ecosystem

Tame-Component - Partenaires et réseaux

Since its creation, Tame-Component has been committed to establishing and developing partnerships with various private and public players and associations.

In France, Tame-Component is actively involved in the ANADEF association, which aims to promote and animate a network of specialists and experts in the field of electronic components. 

Tame-Component has also developed a network of private partners consisting of Predictive Image and Elemca. The purpose of these partnerships is to collaborate in order to develop synergies, to pool resources and to expand the offerings of each of these laboratories. 

These collaborations allow Tame-Component to improve its solutions to better meet the needs of its customers.


ELEMCA is a private and independent laboratory whose clients are major players in the industries of aeronautics, space, transport, energy and electronics. These clients have trusted ELEMCA since 2003 and appreciate their reactivity and the high level of expertise provided in their reports (scientific interpretation of results). They entrust ELEMCA with their electronic equipment (components and assembled boards) to: 

  • arbitrate their design choices (material selection, thermomechanical simulation of their electronic design)
  • qualify their products (PCBA assembly quality, component back-end integrity, environmental testing)
  • understand the origin of failures (failure analysis: non-destructive localization, physical characterization, diagnosis)
Predictive Image
Predictive Image

Predictive Image is a service laboratory exclusively specialized in non-destructive testing. 

Predictive Image provides support to industrial companies in fields as varied as electronics, electro-mechanics and metallurgy for the characterization of complex assemblies, the detection of indications in materials, and failure analysis.


Founded in 2001, ANADEF brings together industrialists and scientists concerned with the failure mechanisms of electronic components and assemblies, with a view to PREVENTION, DETECTION and ANALYSIS.

LARIS - Laboratoire universitaire | Université d'Angers
Laboratoire angevin du LARIS

The LARIS Lab (Laboratoire Angevin de Recherche en Ingénierie des Systèmes) is an EA7315 host team at the University of Angers, comprising 3 interconnected teams:

  • Dynamic Systems and Optimization (SDO)
  • Information, Signal, Image and Life Sciences (ISISV)
  • Dependability and Decision Support (SFD)

LARIS currently employs 55 teaching and research staff, including 27 HDRs and 34 PhD students.

LARIS brings together researchers from 4 components of the University of Angers (Polytech Angers (Belle-Beille and ISSBA sites), IUT, UFR Sciences, UFR ESTHUA), CHU and Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO). It is a member of the Structure Fédérative de Recherche (SFR) MathSTIC at the University of Angers.

Tame-Component and the medical branch of TRONICO have embarked, together with the LARIS laboratory and OUEST VALORISATION, on the ambitious project of creating a standardized medical grade for electronic components embedded in medical devices (IIb and III). The project has been christened RECOME - Reliability of Electronic Components for Medical Devices.

SATT Ouest Valorisation
Ouest Valorisation - réseau SATT

Ouest Valorisation, (SATT network - Technology Transfer office network) is the public research transfer operator for 28 institutions in Brittany and Pays de la Loire, on 4 campuses. Created in 2012 within the framework of the "Programmes d'Investissement d'Avenir", SATT Ouest Valorisation aims to amplify and simplify the relationship between researchers and companies.

Ouest Valorisation is Tame-Component's co-partner with the LARIS laboratory in the collaborative project RECOME - Reliability of Electronic Components for Medical Devices, which aims to create a standardized medical grade for electronic components used in the design and manufacture of medical devices (classes IIb and III), particularly implantable devices (AIMD).

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