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A partnership between Tame-Component, Predictive Image and Elemca


Tame-Component, Predictive Image and Elemca have come together with a common goal of combining their know-how in a partnership project called PartLab.

While maintaining complete independence, the aim of this partnership is to bring together their specific know-how and expertise in order to expand their offer, propose more proximity and optimize costs and deadlines.

Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautics
  • Military
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Component suppliers


Through this partnership, Tame-Component, Predictive Image and ELEMCA share their resources and know-how in order to support their customers throughout the life of their electronic product, from design to operational maintenance.

  • R&D support
    • Electronics & materials
    • Construction analysis
    • Reliability analysis
    • Test strategy
    • Thermomechanical simulation
    • Thermomechanical characterization
  • Electronic qualification
    • Life Test
    • Electrical Characterization
    • Construction analysis/Process control
    • Upscreening
    • Package & bonding tests
    • 2D, 3D X-ray
    • 3 and 4 axis acoustic microscopy
    • IPC-A-610 assembly qualification
    • ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C assembly qualification
    • Package & bonding tests
  • Materials qualification
    • Characterization of materials
    • Metallurgical and microstructural analysis
    • Chemical, molecular and contamination analysis
    • Thermal characterization
    • Mechanical characterization
  • Counterfeit detection
    • External visual inspection
    • Electrical testing
    • DPA
    • X-ray
    • Solderability
    • X-ray fluorescence
    • Construction analysis
  • Obsolescence management
    • Tracking system for state of components
    • Management of alerts (Obsolescence, RoHS ...)
    • Stockage sécurisé
    • Sourcing and qualification of alternative sources
    • Counterfeit detection
    • Recovery of components from boards
    • RoHS Upscreening/Retinning
  • Failure analysis
    • Electronics & materials
    • Visual inspection
    • Fault location
    • IR Thermography (X-ray)
    • Tomography
    • Construction analysis
    • 2D, 3D X-ray
    • 3 and 4 axis acoustic microscopy
    • Characterization of materials

By combining their know-how, these three laboratories are able to provide a broad spectrum of services with a high level of expertise.


These laboratories know how demanding their customers are, which is why they are committed to meeting their technical and financial challenges on a daily basis.

By committing to the PartLab project, Tame-Component, Predictive Image and Elemca are committed to providing quality services and supporting each customer over the long term.

Locations in France


26 rue du Bocage
85660 Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine

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