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Reliability Test

Improve your electronic components with a reliability test

Test de fiabilité

The reliability of your electronic applications depends on their components reliability. But many component manufacturers only carry out qualification testing for automotive applications, which is done to verify manufacturing processes and not to verify batches.

What is component reliability?

Electronic systems are growing ever smaller, and nowadays more and more functions are integrated into smaller and smaller spaces. As a result, it is not always possible to implement redundant functions to make systems reliable. It is therefore essential to ensure that the components mounted on the boards have the same level of reliability as that of the system.

To ensure the reliability of the system as a whole, we can carry out manufacturer's process qualification tests batch by batch by subjecting the components to accelerated aging stresses in line with how those components would be used.

These stresses are accompanied by electrical tests (before and after) allowing the batch to be accepted or not according to the component manufacturer's qualification criteria or according to specific acceptance criteria.

Benefits of a component reliability study

  • Curb the rate of failure for implantable medical devices
  • Verify the abscence of drifts in the component's manufacturing process
  • Establish failure rates that the manufacturer of the component has not communicated
  • Establish failure rates at board or system level


Tame-Component helps its customers to ensure the reliability of the components they use. The laboratory can perform qualification tests on component batches under a wide range of stresses:

  • Temperature
  • Thermal cycling
  • Humidity
  • Thermal shock
  • HAST
  • Cleaning products...


In the absence of a medical grade components, many medical device manufacturers use automotive grade components.

To be of automotive grade, components must pass qualification tests. Qualification is carried out batch by batch to ensure the absence of process deviations that haven’t been identified by the manufacturer.

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