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Component characterization

Measuring performance in specific environments

Caractérisation de composants

The purpose of component characterization is to determine the electrical operating characteristics of a component. 

A large number of parameters are measured. These measurements can be performed within or outside of the environmental characteristics provided by the manufacturer.

The benefits

Evaluation of characteristics as early as possible in the product life phase

This type of service generally takes place during the study of a board, or even upstream during the selection of components for their integration into a database of preferred components.

    Characterization of all types of components

    Characterization can involve all types of components: resistors, capacitors, chokes, diodes, transistors, logic circuits, operational amplifiers, analog switches, oscillators, memories, microcontrollers, etc. 

      Detection of component behavior in conditions not foreseen by the manufacturer

      This service can meet a wide range of customer needs: 

      • Ensuring conformity of component characteristics to the specification sheet of the manufacturer
      • Ensuring performance in conditions different than those specified by the manufacturer: extended temperature range (e.g. -55°c/+125°c), particular conditions of the electrical environment (underpowered component, overvoltage behavior...), or a different mechanical environment (pressure, vibrations, etc.)
      • Characterizing a particular parameter as a function of environmental variations
      • Determining the failure modes of a component in extreme conditions
      • Measuring performance disparity on several components of the same batch
      • Selecting among different sources of components, those that best fit the needs and the environment of the customer
      • Determining the significant tests for incoming inspections
      • Monitoring the evolution of a component manufacturer’s performance after a PCN (Process Change Notification)
      • Validating a new supply source
      • Maintaining a supply source

      The resources

      • Electrical measuring equipment:
      • Discrete semiconductor
      • Complex semiconductor
      • Passive component
      • Temperature from -70 to +225°C

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