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The lab
Components Upgrading Solutions since 1990

Tame-Component, electronic component laboratory

Founded in 1990, the Electronics Components Testing Lab possesses a vast set of programs and a significant level of experience for the medical, biotechnical, energy, aerospace, defence and transport security sectors.

Contact Tame-Component

by e-mail +33 (0)2 51 41 89 35

History & Team


The Components Lab was born in 1990 in order to characterize electronic parts in high temperature and high pressure environments and to perform accelerated life tests. Since 2005, we have opened up this lab to other activities and continued to expand our team and testing capabilities.

The team

Over the last several years, the increase in activity has been absorbed by an increase ofthe workforce with the establishment of a night shift and a weekend shift. The night and the weekend are devoted to incoming inspection.
The team is composed of engineers, test technicians and operators. All have received dedicated training giving them to acquire the skills required to carry out their work.

Certifications & Accreditations

  • ISO 9001
  • EN 9100
  • ISO 17025

Certifications Tame-Component

Project management

Each case is identified by batch of components and is followed by a dual physical and administrative traceability, from the quotation to the shipping of the components. This traceability records, case by case, all the results of the analyzes, as well as the identification of the agents who carried out each test, their authorizations and the serial number of the measuring equipment. Samples destroyed for analysis are returned to the client or archived for 10 years. Test results and reports are archived for 30 years.


Multimeters, SMU counters, LCR meter, spectrum analysers, optical spectrometers, Teradyne ATE, wetting balance, pull & shear tester, X-ray tomography system, X-ray fluorescence instrument, optical microscopes...

Climatic chambers, cold / hot, moister, HAST, cold / hot probe...


2017 key figures :

  • Team
    • 12 people
      • 6 engineers
      • 3 test technicians
      • 3 operators
    • 3 shifts (day, night, weekend)
  • 3200 cases
    • OQD: 0ppm (2018 target : 4000ppm)
    • OTD: 89 % (2018 target : 85 %)
    • OTD+5D: 95 % (2018 target : 97 %)
TRONICO: innovative electronic solutions
Since 1973
> 700 collaborators
(including 60 R&D engineers)
75M€ turnover (2017)
Total production area
12000 m2
5 sites in 3 countries:
France, Morocco, USA