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Secured storage
Long term storage of strategic components

Secured storage - Tame-Component

Secure long-term storage meets a need for product availability for a long period of time that would be incompatible with the duration of commercial availability of an element that composes it or a manufacturing process for making it. 

Tame-Component has built two bunkers for long-term storage in total safety. Their systems provide protection against intrusion, fire protection, regulation of environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) and limit the risk of mishandling. 

Storage modes are adapted to the product, its sensitivity to moisture or, to the contrary, its sensitivity to an atmosphere that is too dry: nitrogen cabinet, drypack, shelving.

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Long-term storage: a solution for dealing with obsolescence

Long-term storage: a solution to the obsolescence of electronic components? Yes... but what are the necessary storage conditions? Should the components be tested? How to manage stocks?

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