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Obsolescence management
Bill of materials discontinuation analysis

Obsolescence management - Tame-Component

The purpose of this activity is to meet the growing concerns of customers in the face of rapidly changing component technology: 

  • Logistic breakage due to the obsolescence of a component; 
  • Evolution of the technological characteristics which lead to malfunctions; 
  • Increase in prices and delays of end-of-life components; 
  • Additional costs generated by these difficulties. 

To manage these problems, we propose a service adapted to the needs of our customers in order to optimize the life cycle of their products by the analysis and treatment of EOL (End of Life): obsolete electronic component identification, end of life alert, component replacement.

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Long-term storage: a solution for dealing with obsolescence

Long-term storage: a solution to the obsolescence of electronic components? Yes... but what are the necessary storage conditions? Should the components be tested? How to manage stocks?

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