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Electronic component obsolescence

Anyone who never had troubles with component obsolescence will have soon! Where does this obsolescence come from? How can it be prevented? How can it be cured?

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Long-term storage: a solution for dealing with obsolescence

Long-term storage: a solution to the obsolescence of electronic components? Yes... but what are the necessary storage conditions? Should the components be tested? How to manage stocks?

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How to test electric continuity on a BGA without a specific test socket.

Broker Purchase: How to check the electrical continuity of a BGA without a test socket?

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Are there still risks in out-sourcing electronic component buying?

The number of cases of counterfeit electronic components detected is on the decline... but there are still some pitfalls. How can they be avoided?

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Reusing electronic components

An unexpected way to deal with an obsolescence of electronic components: reuse them!

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The key points to re-tinning electronic components

What are the key points of the re-tinning of electronic components? What are the constraints and contributions of re-tinning? How to control the re-tinning?

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